Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Girls Camp 2012: Cinderella Day

We chose Cinderella as the theme for Thursday in order to represent the concept of perseverance.  Cinderella was kind and helpful no matter how she was treated, no matter the circumstances of her home life. She not only persevered and endured, but she remained true to who she was. Some of these girls deal with unimaginable hardships, and our goal was to give them the courage to keep going.

The day began with flipping the rotations from Wednesday. Two levels switched with the other two levels, taught again by the YCLs. The afternoon held more certification activities, finishing up with snow cones and free time.

Certification in rotations

We really try to keep certification interesting with hands-on activities. Here she is showing how to build campfires and light them before they demonstrated it themselves. And yes, we always have lots of supervision and the proper fire safety procedures.

Free time snaphots

Shae and I raiding the fridges!

Not sure what I've got going on here.

Camp is not complete without Uno.

Later that night the Bishops arrived and we performed our Flash Dance. I think it was a One Direction song.

Woot woot evening program!

This is one of our wonderful Bishops who allowed his ward girls to smash a pie in his face during the program. Now you know why they love him!

Thursday night means Skit Night!! One of our favorites!! Unfortunately, I only have a few pictures, as one of our leaders passed out outside due to the heat! That's why we have a fabulous Stake Nurse and directions to all the area hospitals/walk-in clinics ahead of time.

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