Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Disney Day 2--It's Mullet-tastic!

Day 2 means Epcot. Some people don't like Epcot because it's more of a thinking place and less of a thrill zone. But being the brainiac I am, I fit right in. 

I have to tell you, it took everything I have to complete that sentence with a straight face.

Actually, good ol' Epcot is not so bad anymore. It has a lot of fun thrill rides, and we personally love to eat our way around the world. 

These are Emma's pictures of our room. Fascinating, isn't it? She wanted me to include it.
It's hard to tell in these pictures, but Jack adores Mary Poppins. Watches her movie all the time. He kept walking around her, kind of shocked that she was standing in front of him, and not in the TV.

We never did master the art of getting Jack to look AT the camera.

Waiting in line to see Alice

Remind me to tell you the story of how I was rejected by Disney at a formative age to play Alice. Scarred me for life.

Right now I am resisting the urge to yell, "I COULD HAVE DONE IT BETTER!"

Here I took a picture as we walked by because there was no way we were standing in another line.

 This is the part where I make fun of a nice family. Forgive me ahead of time, but Gary made me do it. This was a nice family of a Mom, Dad, and kid. They all had matching mullets, bless their hearts.
 The interesting thing is that they had their son on one of those toddler leashes. What is he, six?? So we were kind of giggling about that. At Disney you see all kinds of people. Many obese people. Sometimes obese people in obscene outfits. Poor English people who don't know how to dress in humid Florida weather and usually end up in a black sneakers and short running shorts with white, hairy legs in between. Not good. Often elderly Indian women with these beautiful two piece gowns (saris?) but these awful flabby stomachs hanging out in the middle. Lots of Americans in mom jeans. But this was a first. But I have to say they were a really nice, happy family. And they obviously loved their kid and didn't want to lose him. Hence, the leash.

 Oh, and the stroller the mom is pushing? That's for him. There's no baby inside. We saw him riding in it later. Maybe he's really a toddler and he is just big for his age. Although he is bigger than Laura. Oh well, on to other things. I realize I am a terrible person since I spent most of this post making fun of a nice family. I feel a great deal of shame over that. But not enough to delete the pictures, unfortunately.

Jack got a drum set for Christmas (Thanks, Mom!) So, he was right at home here.

Playing the Kim Possible game in Norway


Marie, in France. We ate an awful lot of pastries here. Yum.     
 Jack kind of looks like he's praying here. Probably to get away from all these princesses.

 This was kind of funny. Here colonial people came out to do a fife and drum thing. Above they are doing the pledge. They sang "God Bless America" and asked us all to join in. We were kind of looking around at each other when we started like, "Are we allowed to sing about God in public? Aren't we going to get in trouble?" I think we're all so used to having to be quiet about God that we were kind of nervous to express ourselves outside of a church. Kind of funny, and kind of sad, I guess.

So that's the last picture I took at Epcot because we then proceeded to the THRILL RIDE section! Laura is so pleased as punch to be tall enough to ride most everything. Bless Disney for having the baby swap program, and Gary and I took turns taking rides with the girls. We did Soarin' (so much fun),  Test Track, Mission: Space, and some other things. The other thing I am grateful for is the fact my kids are not scared to ride roller coasters, etc. I am a terribly selfish person, and it would be hard for me to skip one due to their fear. I'd  probably tie them to a tree, tell them not to talk to strangers, and then go ride it myself.

We fell in bed at about eleven. Of course then I picked up a library book, Paranormalcy, and stayed up until one. Not so smart.


  1. The family that mullets together stays together. (because they're held together by leashes)

    I love your photos & stories of Disney. And you were singled out by Guest Services!!! Congrats. And, to think if only you'd had round eyes and not those lovely almond shaped eyes, you too could have been Cindy.

  2. OK. During a second visit to this entry I was compelled to click on the first photo of The Mullets. Check out the Two kids pushing a granny in a wheelchair as she holds a little girl (in the upper right corner of the photo.) Seriously, did you visit on "Unconventional Family Day"???

  3. Charlene! I totally don't see it! I must be blind!

  4. Ok I am laughing on so many counts! Charlene - that is so funny!!! I didn't see that other family either! Amy... the mullets... I am so laughing! Oh my gawsh! And that Alice... she was AWFUL looking! Nope... you would have ROCKED Alice in my book... round eyes my foot! (Love the way the new blog design looks!!!)


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