Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please make room for me at the cool table.

Well, my birthday was yesterday. Apart from having to attend a funeral, it was a wonderful day. I woke up as a newly thirty-six-year-old feeling a bit sorry for myself that my hands are a little more veiny and I have lines appearing around my eyes, and those are only the places I will refer to online. But there is something about going to a funeral for a twenty-year-old that immediately snaps things back into perspective. How grateful it has made me that I can enjoy another year, crows feet and all.

My husband and I don't typically get each other big gifts for our birthdays, and we are fine with that. So I was shocked and awed when I got a MacBook for my bday!!! You have no idea how much I have drooled and coveted one of these. Couple that with our new AppleTV, and I feel just like I might actually be the slightest bit cool. I feel like I did in fifth grade when I got my first Trapper Keeper, or sixth grade when I got my first Limited Express shirt! AWESOME!

So now I just have to figure out how to make it work. My only problem is that right now I should be changing a diaper, putting a load of laundry in, nagging my husband, or throwing out V-day candy while my kids aren't looking. Instead I am trying to figure out if I know anyone I can ichat with. Just call me an iNerd!!


  1. Hey iNerd,
    Welcome to the cool table!!
    Congratulations. I love my Mac more than any other non breathing item in my life.
    Bring it next weekend & I can help you with shortcuts, etc.

  2. What happened to him, Amy? My mom totals remembers them, and I vaguely do. That is so sad!

  3. I am secretly hoping that my PC crashes so I can get a mac. (I know it is terrible but I a drooling for one) --Katina

  4. I KNEW I would see a post about your new "toy"! YES!! iNerd... I LOVE IT... heheehhe! I am so envious... someday we can be at the cool table too... someday. I will keep droppin' hints to C. Ok so wait a minute... one of your best buddies lets you have a whole evening out with no kids and not even a shout out as part of your birthday?!?! hahahahhaa Seriously I truly hope you had a FANTASTIC birthday dear friend!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I have your homemade earrings too!! YAY!

  5. Carrie, he came back from a tour in Afghanistan to find out that he had lymphoma. He died in a matter of weeks. Right after his twentieth birthday.


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