Wednesday, August 11, 2010

belated birthday post

So our little Emma is now big Emma...she is ten. For her birthday she decided she wanted to get her ears pierced. The only holdout was Daddy. He just felt like it symbolized her growing up and was not dealing well with it. So I reminded him that we promised her that she could make the choice when she was old enough to handle taking care of her ears and choose for herself. He reluctantly agreed. But we did not get out the door without a serious Daddy/Daughter talk. He talked to her about how this was her first choice she was making when it came to her body and how to treat it. He gave her good advice about always thinking first and being responsible and making wise choices. I think I might have even seen a tear in his eye. Maybe.

Big hugs (aren't good fathers a powerful and wonderful thing?).

So Emma and I set off on her birthday for Mommy/Daughter day--just us. First stop was the ear piercing. She got a little nervous. I told her she could do it if she wanted to, or not do it if she didn't. It was okay to back out.


They give you a teddy bear to hold. I almost ruined the moment by wondering aloud how many germs were on it. I managed to keep my trap shut, though.

I insisted we go when there could be two workers to do both ears at the same time. By the way, it's much less scary than when I had it done decades ago.

Here it is! My baby has big girl earrings!

We had a lovely afternoon shopping and talking and she was so excited to eat lunch with me at Starbucks. We shared a calorific drink (non-coffee, what kind of mom do you think I am??)

That night we met up with our family and went out to eat. She chose the restaurant--Carrabba's. For some reason, she thinks this is a super fancy and grown-up place to eat.

Here they are singing to her.

I was very upset because they were out of their chocolate dessert. Seriously, what the crap?

Emma and her spoils.
She got a bookstore gift card, so we headed over there with Aunt Jennifer. Daddy and Jack went home.

We each looked at books we were interested in. Emma chose Ella Enchanted, The Lightning Thief, and The Meanest Doll in the World.

I chose a book with a naked guy on the front, of course. He will make all my dreams come true and take away all my sadness. "The Cat," me-ow.

My sister is already swooning.

Happy Birthday, Emma!
And she is still taking good care of her ears!

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