Friday, August 13, 2010

Jack, Mommy's in a bad mood. Let's make mad faces. That's not very mad. Come on, pretend like you can't afford botox.

Ok, forget it.

Come on, Laura, wallow with me. Be mad. The world may be your oyster, but guess what? Oysters are gross.

I'm in a crabby mood. I don't know if it's because it's Friday the 13th or because school is starting or because it's a bad time of month if you know what i'm sayin and I think you do, or I because I stayed up late watching a show about the Navy Seals training on the Military Channel. I don't know how I found it but it was awesome. And every time they did their thousandth push up I hurt for them while I laid there in my nice, cushy bed.

I am so crabby. Today I am dumping any blogs where the mom is a little too happy or cute or perfect. Also some of these really tacky craft blogs. Seriously, is it just me, or who would put a huge wooden die (as in dice) on their coffee table just because somebody did it on a blog? Or this other blog where this girl transformed a shirt into something so awful my friend Mandy actually called me on the phone about it and we laughed so hard. Now I'm just being mean, but the point is I think there is such pressure to perform on blogs, you know, to be super crafty or creative or super mom and how can anyone live up to that? I stopped trying a looooong time ago, people. I mean, Lord knows I'm not crafty for crap but just be yourself, I guess, stop trying so hard. You've either got it or you don't, and I know I don't so there's no pressure there.

Then, I saved up enough money to take a writing class at the non-credit division of the community college. I know what you're thinking: from this blog honey, I would not waste the time. I know, I know, but I don't really try here, or proofread, I just kind of try to keep the flying milk bottles away from my computer and that's about as good as it gets. Anyway, I look at the schedule and there are two piddly writing classes, as opposed to last semester's six. And they are bland, and not even taught by an author. I am so disappointed. Also disappeared? The French 2 class I wanted to take. I really wanted to do something for myself and now I don't know what to do.

So as you can tell, I am now officially wallowing in self-pity and crabbiness. And really, this is the kind of post where I should probably give it a day before I hit "publish," but I'm going to just let it rip anyway. After all, there are these children who vaguely look like me circling my table asking for crazy things like food and attention. Children are so egocentric. It's so rude.

As soon as Gary gets here, we are going to go get something to eat, then I'm going to go to Target and buy a bike. Then maybe I'll get a basket to put small dogs in and let the "Wicked Witch from the West" music accompany me.


  1. i pulled all those kinds of blogs off my google reader a long, long time ago. now i only have
    the moms who share a wide range of experiences with their readers instead of just the creative/special/perfect moments. all that perfectness gets to be kind of dull.

    i want to take a creative writing class, too. i'm gonna take one in the spring of 2012, because i'll have a semester to kill before going into the certified occupational therapy assistant program. i'm bummed because i found out i have to wait until 1012, to get in. but it's worth the wait.

    you know i've always enjoyed reading your blog, amy!!!

  2. This may cheer you up:

  3. In regards to the link I posted...If you can only look at one picture, let it be this one:
    you're welcome,

  4. Just a lurker - been reading your blog for a while and never commented before.

    Honey, you ARE one of those super-woman-moms! I read your blog and see pics of your ADORABLE kids and think, holy cow, she's AMAZING to do everything she does!!! You're beautiful, you're craftier than me, you write better than me, you have a gorgeous family and do FUN things, live in a warm climate near the ocean, and have traveled to some amazing need to add your own blog to your list and read it everyday too!! xoxo :)

  5. Sigh - my dear friend Amy... I agree with Goldilocks (thanks for your sweet comments to one of my bestest friends Goldilocks!). You so do not give yourself credit. I am proud of you for wanting to take a writing course... at some point I will get myself back to taking a French course... But loved the photos, everyone has crabby days. Sorry to say yours made mine a bit better today...just because I know we all go through it - and that I am not the only one that feels this way!! Can't wait to see the links Charlene sent! =) lol

  6. I hope I'm a keeper.. But just to be sure, let me make a few points. I don't post craft project, I've gained 10 pounds since being in FL, I frequently blabber and lament on my blog(s). So, keep me, kay??

    Hope today is a good one, wish the girls luck from us! And post something else 'cause you make me laugh.


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