Monday, August 23, 2010

In Memory of Summer

With a heavy heart we announce the passing of Summer 2010. It had a good life. We spent it's last week doing the things we loved most:

watching the Wiggles

spending time with cousins

going to the beach in the evening after Daddy got off work

swimming at the pool

sweating to death at Disney World at 1:30 in the morning.

Yes, that is a little bit of a glistening shine on our brows, but we make it look good. Right?
Seriously, right? (That is Emma's finger in the picture.) (Yes, I know I am not using parentheses correctly. Leave me alone.)

spending time together

losing first teeth, even when Mother begged her not to.

With his departure, we awoke at the crack of dawn today (a rather rude awakening) to don new, ironed (this is a big deal for me), sharp uniforms, shoes, messenger bags (we are too cool for backpacks this year), accessories, water bottles, and lunches.

This year the fashion theme was polka-dots:

you can't tell from this picture, but the shoes, hair accessories, and Emma's bag were a la polka dots.

After we waded through a TORRENTIAL RAIN STORM, here is Laura in front of her FIRST GRADE class.

Emma in front of her FIFTH GRADE classroom. This is her last year in elementary school. My heart can't take it.

Laura getting off the bus.

This was supposed to be Emma getting off the bus, but a Random Child stepped in front of my camera and ruined the moment. Thanks, Random Child.

Tonight, I am going to bed exhausted. I made the Requisite Nourishing Dinner, made lunches, cleaned, did laundry, signed all forms, laid out school clothes, packed the bags, and now I am looking upon my work and calling it good. Happy First Day of School. I think I only teared up once. And I am not sure if that was from me, or the torrential rain storm splashing into my contacts. I'll never tell.


  1. Your girls are SO stinkin' adorable!!!!!! Their looks compliment each other so well, and their age/size different is so perfect that they look out of a magazine or tv show!

    (of course your little boy is too!)

  2. Thank you, that's very nice of you. I think it's much easier for kids to avoid the ugly stage then it was for us when we were younger. Now they have flat irons, cute accessories, no bowl cuts for girls, and what I missed out the most on: cute glasses.


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