Friday, August 6, 2010

summer love

Dear August,
I have previously resented you as you represent the end of summer, fun, vacation, sleeping in, lazy days, and adventure. However, this year I am determined to love you for who you are. There are two weeks left until school starts, and we are going to

Today was a perfect example.

What could be better than
playing in the hose and eating watermelon nekkie?

Later, we went to the beach with good friends.

the babies

saying good-bye to our mermaid friend
before the sun goes down.

Summer in Florida means spending the entire day
in your bathing suit

(or your birthday suit).


  1. ohhhhh, yaaaayyy! wish I were there to enjoy it with you. I actually had a pang of "miss florida" after reading this post. I haven't felt much of that (if any at all),other than the people I love, of course. Like you!

  2. I WISH YOU WERE TO!!! I really think it was hotter where you lived, even though you were only two and a half hours south of me. I swear, I could never do Naples or Miami it's so crazy hot. It has been so nice here this past week.

  3. Oh amy... you put me to shame. Your posts are just darling and I love ya! Thanks for putting a smile on my face - so needed right now. xoxo


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