Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Disney Day 3--Attack of the Brazilians

Sorry for the delay--it's been a crazy week. Girl Scout campouts, church meetings, honor roll lunches, oh what a wild life I lead.

So our third day we thought we would jaunt off to Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM Studios). We assumed it would be another day like the first two: easy, comfy, not crowded.


Instead, this happened to be winter break in Brazil. And Thursday is Fantasmic day in Hollywood Studios. The result is a nuclear class five combination as every single Brazilian tour group led their students behind orange flags into the park.

Now let's back the truck up a little bit here. Beep beep beep. A long time ago in a wrinkle-free portion of my life I worked at Disney while in college. The bane of every Disney cast member's existence was the Brazilian tour groups. They are typically the most wealthy kids from Brazil and used to doing whatever they want. They chant and yell through the shows, they skip in lines en masse and then pretend they don't know what you're talking about, I even had one come up to me on a dare and kiss me full on the lips. I was in such a state of shock he ran away before I could do anything about it! Anyone who says Americans are the worst tourists have never encountered Brazilian tour groups. Or lived in a tourist area--I've met people from everywhere and no one is really that spectacular. Being tired and cranky and constipated and feeling like you've spent too much money is a universal experience.

So anyway the BTGs took all of the fast passes, banded together in certain areas and made sure no one could get through to certain rides, crowded the characters and wouldn't let anyone near, refused to stand in lines, you know, the usual. I was miserable. The crowd level was intolerable, so we left. Props to the guest service cast member who felt our pain and gave our family fastpasses to Toy Story Mania (the BEST ride at WDW right now). Basically, I was so miserable and crabby I took almost no pictures. Sorry.

Instead we headed over to Epcot where we WALKED onto the fast rides over and over again. We ate a great dinner at The Land and walked out together hand in hand (ahhhhh). Crowd levels were so low at Epcot they didn't even have the parking lot tram running. Perfection.

The "Lights! Motors! Action! show at Studios. Really cool.

Jack about to go down the slide in the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground. Actually, he is about the throw a hiss because they wouldn't let him go down on his belly.

And then that night, Laura lost a tooth! She got $2 instead of $1 since she lost it at Disney.

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