Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Disney Day 4 -- Teeth and Pirates

I have realized that actually day four is day three, and day three is day four. I got them confused.  I think it's the sad mundane monotony of dishes and errands that had me jumping the gun and romanticizing my vacation. Even a vacation to Disney.

So anyway, Day 3/4 we just took it easy. Got up late, strolled over to MK to do things we didn't do before. I also forgot to tell you that before we jumped ship at Studios we ate at the Sci-Fi Diner. THAT is a lot of fun. The kids loved sitting in our 1950s "cars" and watching the clips of sci-fi movies, along with commercials for the "kitchen of the future." One funny advertisement reminded teenagers not to engage in PDA at the drive-in. So fun! I can tell you this, you can get a good picture of our poor sisters from the 1950s from these clips. In one scene, the men are driving the spaceship while the lone woman is POWDERING HER NOSE oh so daintily in the corner. I burst out laughing with that one!Apparently, the only other purpose for women in the 1950s was to be taken hostage and to scream their guts out. The best clip though, was the one with "Cat Women from Mars." Basically, the Mars women (dressed scandalously scantily, as they always do on Mars) kidnap men from Earth for breeding purposes against their will. Hmmm. Sounds like someone's fantasy run a muck, no?

So back to the morning. Laura had lost her tooth the night before. The next morning, after she put her "Alice" costume on, she had a delivery at the door for her. Balloons and a card from Mickey, congratulating her on losing her tooth!! This was a really exciting start to her day. We hit the road and headed out to Magic Kingdom.

Emma and Gary heading down Main Street. See how nice and empty it is!! Me happy!


Today it drastically heated up. I was scrambling to find the coolest clothes I could find for them in the suitcase. Thank goodness for Laura's costume. Above they were entering the hula hoop costume, which Laura can win with her eyes closed. She can do some pretty amazing tricks while hula-hooping, and if you've read this blog before you know she doesn't mind letting the world know it.

 Captain Jack Sparrow in person, recruiting new pirates. He may not look exactly like the chiseled-cheekbone version, but he moved and sounded EXACTLY like him. It was a lot of fun.
 The girls taking the pirate oath. Can Alice in Wonderland join the pirates?

Emma's pictures of the fireworks. I know, doesn't do it justice.

Back at Magic Kingdom we strolled, rode the "fun rockets," watched fireworks where we waved at Tinkerbell frantically as she flew over our heads. I'm telling you, I don't care how cynical you are, the Wishes fireworks show is the best and will melt your ice-cold anti-Disney heart. They are awesome. Then we walked to Contemporary and checked out the shops and the view. I told Gary I wanted a toy monorail set to go around my Christmas tree and he gave me one of those "Sure honey, whatever," looks. Interpret as you will.
I am going to add at the bottom of this post that we in  Florida seem to have hogged every bit of warm weather in the country. While everyone else is suffering through a blizzard, we wore shorts today for the first time in two months. Sorry. We'll give it back soon.

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  1. That is such a cute and sweet idea for Laura's tooth. What a fun memory!


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