Sunday, February 13, 2011

Disney Day 5--conquering Everest and obscene portion sizes

Sorry I am behind so much....but we have been down with sickness at my house this week. Don't cry for me Argentina, we're almost done.  So I am trying to quickly dash out the last of our trip.

Our last day found us at Animal Kingdom. In truth, there is really not much to do at this park. The best thing is Expedition Everest, the newest roller coaster at the park. You can easily do this park in a few hours, especially if it is PRACTICALLY EMPTY like it was when we were there.

We walked onto Everest about four times in a row. We were lucky enough to have my sister and her husband, as well as my friend Kymmie and her girls, meet up with us at the park. It did rain that day, but you can't have it all, people.

Everest is the BEST roller coaster. The forces are so strong when you go down the "mountain" that you can't even keep your arms up. The best part-- we prepped Laura for the fact that she was not tall enough to ride it. She was really disappointed. But when we got up to the measuring-point we found out she was finally tall enough after all! She looked at me, I looked at her, and we screamed and threw our hands up in the air and did a happy dance! She was a real pro and rode it several times.

After the park we went to the Polynesian and ate at 'Ohanas. That's one of those Hawaiian-style-bring-meat-around-on-skewers-eat-too-much-food-places.

Emma's pictures: (I like to include Emma's pictures because otherwise I don't make it into any. It's hard for me to prove I was actually there except for my witty commentary)

This picture reminds me that I am thinking of creating a new kit for Toys R Us called "My First Facelift." What do you think?

My Sista. We are very funny together and I like the fact that someone else appreciates how humorous I am.

My pictures:

That is me, back row, doing one of my hobbies. Making ridiculous faces for the ride-photo-thingy. Notice Emma and Kyra on the front row freaking out, and Laura in the back row looking like it's just another day at the park.

He's coolness is not marred by the fact that his glasses are askew.

Technology today, people. They both have their iPhones handy. However Emma has since had hers taken away until she CLEANS HER STINKIN ROOM.

Dancing with Em @the Polynesian

Happy Boy.

This is what I like about my husband (and brother-in-law). He's not afraid to be silly. The girls loved it.


How nice of Disney to provide wheelbarrows in which to roll us home since we ate so much. Thoughtful!


  1. Don't dis Animal Kingdom. We went there and we loved it! I pretty much wanted to barf after riding the Everest ride. And just so you know, I appreciate how funny you are. Also, I like the commentary under the ride photo.

  2. Animal Kingdom is good! I likey! There's just not a ton to do since we've been a few times. And since you think I'm funny you are now one of my favorite top five people (which may include mostly people who are forced to live with me).

  3. We had a lot of fun with you guys! Thank you for including us in your week! =) I LOVE going with you Amy! You make it FUN! (And I SO appreciate your humor ALL the time TOO!!! hahaha) I have a ton of photos to share... I think it's about time to get 'em on a CD for you...I have A LOT! FUN DAY!


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