Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things I loved (on Monday)

We are all still getting over being sick here, so V-Day is a bit delayed.

Some years you put  a lot of effort into a holidays, some years you don't. This was a don't. Decorations were minimal. Thankfully, we were all happy with that. I had the cutest idea for homemade Valentines for my girls to make for their classes. Unfortunately, we all got sick, and those plans went out the window along with my energy. But I have learned to give myself permission to not have everything so flipping perfect all the time, which enabled me to notice that the girls were perfectly happy with their box of CVS valentines.

I am not much of a crafty mom, but I do like to pack their lunches, so I made them a Valentines-theme lunch. That sandwich blob is supposed to be a heart.

Charlene sent my girls the CUTEST Valentine's postcards. The girls squealed that there was something in the mailbox for them. And these are the kind of postcards that are so cool we can keep them and use them as decorations next year. I think that they would be cute framed. Charlene, you have now surpassed Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy in the coolness factor.

Jack played me a love song for Valentine's.

I had a silhouette made of Jack--at all places--Disney World. I know I could do it myself, but having a nice lady in a colonial dress bust it out for me was way worth the money. Which was not much, thankfully. Every time I see his sweet little picture (much more in detail when you get closer) I just want to devour his toddler deliciousness. I need to have the girls done next time we are there.

A blurry but happy shot of the girls with their postcards right before they go to bed.

For Valentine's day, Gary gave me a cute vintage-looking bracelet. I made him a chocolate chip cookie pie, his favorite dessert.  My parents came over and we grilled steaks and had the best time sitting around and laughing. I love sitting around and making fun of my relatives who aren't there.

Happy Valentines!!! Hope you had a great day!!


  1. We are putting Valentines off until next week when everyone is feeling better. I am glad that you guys are on the upturn from the "ickies"

  2. Aw! This made me so happy. I'm glad the girls liked their cards.


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