Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Disney Day 1!

Time for my family's annual trip to the mouse. Since we live right around the corner from the big DW, and we get some lovely Florida Resident perks, it's much easier for us to go often than it would be for most people. I cannot abide Disney during peak season. It's the definition of misery to me, so this year we went during January. Why January? Because there is literally NO ONE ELSE THERE. It's fantastic. And it's not too hot or humid, either.

We started out on Monday at Magic Kingdom. We had some good and some bad. The bad happened to be the weather. There was a downpour in the morning that settled into a drizzle for the rest of the day. The bad, however caused the good--the park was empty. E.M.P.T.Y. We walked onto the rides again and again and never felt that claustrophobic feeling you can get when it's busy.

Our goal this trip was to do some things we've never done before. We hung around Main Street and visited some characters, then took Jack to get his hair cut at the Main Street Barber Shop. It was so cute!

Jack is just old enough to really figure out that this is a fun place. He loved meeting the characters and loved the rides. Every time we went back to our room he would say, "More Did-ney Wold, Mommy?  More Did-ney World?" His favorite ride hands down was the Astro-Orbiter, which glides high above Tomorrowland. "Fun rockets, Mommy! More fun rockets!"

 Jack meeting Daisy. He really liked her a lot, and she was very sweet to him. Not all characters are as patient, unfortunately.

 Checking out the sights.

 Jack's big haircut

We had a guest relations supervisor come up to us and talk to us for a minute. He then proceeded to ask us if we could come with him, he had a surprise for us. We followed him into one of the buildings behind the scenes, knocked on the door three times and said bibbity-bobbity-boo. The girls were giddy with anticipation. Inside, was Cinderella!! Emma was tongue-tied with shock and awe. Laura is never tongue-tied. I loathed the fact we were still in parkas. The last time we met Cinderella a couple years ago was also in a downpour. I am sensing a pattern here. 

 Buzz rocks.

 Fun Rockets!!

We finished the night watching the fireworks from the "Fun Rockets," and slowly strolled out. We had a great time, apart from Jack dropping his binky in the water off Tom Sawyer's Island. Our last binky, I might add. But it was really nice for us to get away. To get out of the world, away from computers, and to be together. It was a nice break for me and hard to come home.

Jack just toddled up to the computer pointed to the picture and said, "Oh! Fun rockets Didney!! 'Gin, mommy, 'gin!"

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