Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Girls Camp 2012: Rapunzel Day; Solo Time

Rapunzel is our princess to wrap up the week. Rapunzel looks to the light. No matter what is going on in her life, she continues to look up and to focus on where she is going, her goals, and the future.

Friday morning we had Solo Time for the girls. One of our stake leaders prepared a packet for each girl. They spent time alone in a spot of their choosing to ponder the handouts in the packet, and to complete the assignment given. They also had a letter written from a parent included. This letter was a surprise to the girls and contained a heartfelt message for them. Several girls told me later this was one of the spiritual highlights of their week. I also was moved by how long some of them spent on the activity, they didn't just rush through but really pondered and took it seriously.

Friday is our spiritual day. We do allow them time to canoe, etc in the morning, but as the day goes on we become more spiritual in preparation for testimony meeting.

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