Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Girls Camp 2012: Sleeping Beauty Evening Program

Here we are -- Wednesday night already! We've got the YCLs starting the night off with the Wish Fairy and some funny spontaneous awards! The trick with this time is choosing your awards very carefully; you want to have a fun time but not embarrass or shame any of the girls. We always check with a ward leader first before settling on an award. Awards and wishes can be for girls and leaders! Each evening program is run by the YCLs, I usually have something to say as the Stake Camp Director, and the YCLs run the program under the direction and approval of the Stake, specifically the YCL leader. Tonight we had a special guest speaker: President Egan from the Stake Presidency. He gave a really moving and at times funny presentation based on some challenges he has as a young man, coinciding with our theme. I felt like it really touched the girls' hearts. After that we had a special activity that one of my Stake leaders was in charge of. It was a surprise to the girls and a lot of fun. Each ward had 45 minutes to go back to their campsite and choose one girl from their group to represent them. They had to create an impromptu costume out of whatever they could find in order to dress her as their ward theme (which was an assigned princess). Then they came back to the Grand Hall, where each got a turn to strut it on stage in an all-out, all-princess competition. That was REALLY fun. After the voting we broke out in an impromptu dance-off. Thank goodness I still had my clean walk-a-thon playlist on my iPhone from my daughter's school walk-a-thon! It always takes some effort to find music that is upbeat and fun but perfectly clean and appropriate for an activity like this.

They YCL frogs leading everyone in Camp Songs.
Look! It's the wish fairy granting the day's wishes!!!

Sis. Stoddard's wish was to have this young lady sing for us. She was fantastic!

More wish fairy magic -- pretty sure this one had to do with pixie dust and flying

President Egan

Pt. Charlotte's princess. I think this was Ariel -- hence the fork!



We died laughing over this one. This is Mulan of course, and she told us it took a long time to get the cream off her face.

Everybody dance!

We finish up the night with YCLs going out to the campsites to do the evening devotionals. They are assigned to different wards in groups.  They also each have a first year girl to look after throughout camp.

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