Thursday, March 21, 2013

Camp 2012: Happy Birthday Girls Camp!

Right after we began the Opening Ceremonies, we sent them off by wards to their campsites to complete a Ward Crest. Our example for them looked like this:

How much do you love the tutu?
 While they were gone, the YCLs and Stake leaders got busy on a big SURPRISE celebration: a birthday party to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girls Camp! One of the girls even made a poster with the title "100 things NOT to do at Girls Camp." The girls wrote the funniest things on the list. Some of the YCLs frosted cupcakes, some got to decorating. The hall looked great when they were through!

Thank you Burger King for donating 100 crowns that the YCLs then decorated.

 When the girls returned from their assignments with their crests, they LOVED the surprise. And the YCLs presented the cupcakes on trays to the soundtrack song of "Be Our Guest." They even choreographed their entrance. It was really funny!

One of our fabulous YCLs giving a quick presentation on the history of Girls Camp, what GC is like in places like China, and the spiritual significance of it. We all got a little choked up at the end.

waiting for their cue

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