Thursday, March 21, 2013

Camp 2012: Snow White Day -- evening program

 The theme for our first day was "Once Upon a Time." Scripture was D&C 64:32-33. We also assigned a princess for each day. Tuesday was Snow White Day. We had a great team of women as our Guest Speakers. This was a really great presentation. They spoke to us about how at the beginning of our journey there is a "Once Upon a Time," and at the end hopefully a "Happily Ever After." But in the middle are pages and pages that we have the opportunity to fill. There are going to be wonderful things and hard things. These Sisters spoke with wonderful stories, anecdotes, and inspirations. They made us laugh and made us teary. It was a perfect way to start things off.

The devotionals the YCLs gave later that night touched on the Snow White theme of poison apples. What is our own personal poison apple? What is our challenge, our temptation, our weakness, our struggle? What do we do to overcome it? They did a great job and at the end shared a caramel apple lollipop with each girl that had attached the message, "Don't let your weaknesses lick you!"

This was one of my favorite parts. At the end of the spiritual portion of the night, we all went outside and crossed arms. We sang together, "Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God." It was beautiful. Then one girl said a prayer and we closed that portion of the evening.

Afterward we had Level Traditions Night. I got this idea from Jennifer Hawkins at her great blog. We took the idea and made it our own. It was a great way for each level to get to know each other, bond, and have some fun. Unfortunately, I am sad to report I don't have any pictures of it. I was busy taking the four year levels on their outing. This is when I recommend a camp photographer!
Here is what we did, though:
Level 1: BFF Night -- we had little pedicure kits for them from the dollar store. They did each other's hair, painted nails, laughed and got to know each other. Since this level are our little newbies, and a little homesick, this was perfect for them.
Level 2: Outdoor Games -- they played volleyball in the dark with a glow volleyball, wore glow bracelets around their wrists and necklaces and choreographed dances in the dark. Pretty funny.
Level 3: Orienteering Treasure Hunt -- since 3rd levels have to certify in orienteering, they went on a treasure hunt with their compasses. I believe they found a treat and a treasure box full of ring pops.
Level 4: Hayride/Stargazing -- these girls got to go on a hayride while we were supposed to track the stars and find the big/little dipper (they are supposed to certify in this). Unfortunately, nature did not cooperate and it clouded over. So instead I gave them a presentation with a poster board my daughter had made for a school project with all the constellations. Then we went on the hayride and told funny and scary stories! Always be ready to improvise!

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