Thursday, March 21, 2013

Camp 2012: Kick-off!

The YCLs did a great job of kicking off camp as soon as the younger levels arrived! In our stake, the YCLs get a day and night to themselves at camp with certain privileges. They help to prepare camp and receive leadership, spiritual, and practical training. Because our stake is SO spread out, it makes it too difficult to have YCL meetings ahead of time. Instead we have one huge YCL overnighter a few weeks before camp, and then YCL day at camp. We have to squeeze all our meetings and trainings into those occasions.

YCLs made announcements, put on a funny skit based on camp rules, led the girls in camp songs, introduced Stake leaders, and got the excitement going.

First year girls!!

Our mantel!

In this picture you can see our wish box on the table. More about that later!

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