Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I voted!

Today was voting day in Florida for Republicans. This means that for the past month it's been non-stop commercials, sign-waving, and robo-calls. Hoping we will get a break from it for a few months? Doesn't it seem like it's always election season? Well, at least we can vote, right?!

My kids were really mad that we voted without them. We usually ride our bikes up to the polling place and my kids watch while we MAKE OUR VOICE HEARD. We only took Jack this time and he monkeyed around while we did our election thing.

Also, I hope my friend Marissa doesn't mind, but I am totally going to post this link to my friend Marissa's blog. She went to his rally in Orlando and said the funniest thing when she found herself meeting him.

Speaking of rallies, Mitt had one right around the corner from us, so Emma and I went over there in the afternoon to walk to the edge of the crowd and check it out. It was fun! It's a little boring honestly, because you've already heard him say all that stuff, but watching all the people, checking out the cool security detail and feeling excitement in the air is a fun thing. Emma and I were over by the bus with my friend Mandy and he sort of walked past us enveloped in security people. I think I saw a hand go up and wave. More funny was watching the news people tape their segments. Brett Baier was right next to us and talk about perfect hair...these guys don't have a hair out of place. He had all that TV make-up on, which is A LOT, trust me. It was kind of like Norma Desmond, you know? He was very nice to everyone afterward which was nice because there's nothing worse than seeing a celebrity in real life and they're a jerk (Chevy Chase in my experience).

And that's your Florida politics update. Amy out.

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  1. haha I don't mind at all that you shared the link :) Holy crap, I wanna hear your Chevy Chase experience! P.S. I love Bret Baier.


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