Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Picture of the Day

Have no fear, I will post my Halloween pictures soon, my dear!

(This picture is from our Halloween trip to Ft Wilderness in Disney. You would not believe the decorations that people put up there! This is someone's campsite! Fun, fun!)

p.s. is there someone out there who can make my blog not look like crap?? Thanks!


  1. Hey! I forgot you emailed me about the blog thing. I read the email and was gonna respond but then got distracted and forgot. Do you know how to use the templates? I just used the plain template for mine and then made my pics big...just because I like big pictures. you'll have to tell me what you want and I can see if I can figure it out. I'm no expert by any means.

  2. What a cute blog. You made me laugh and....appreciate you for all you do! We'd love to have you join our site where you can be seen more often - if you're interested.
    Heidi G.


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