Monday, November 21, 2011

Halloween 2011 (just in time for Thanksgiving)

Positives: free candy and the kick butt costume I made for jack.
Negative: this was the first year Emma ditched us for her friends. Stinkin' kid.

Before I begin, let me say that all my pictures are out of order. I uploaded them from my phone and Blogger won't let me move them. Sometimes I really hate Blogger.
One thing you need to know about us is that Halloween is easy peasy for me. Costumes are borrowed, recycled and usually whatever we find around the house. It is rare for me to spend much money on Halloween. This is the way I like it, much less stress for me.

Anyway, here we go.

*I also cannot seem to add any words to the bottom of this post. Sorry again and Blogger you suck and I hate you. That's the end of Halloween 2011! Check out our old Halloween posts!! See you next year!

Trick or Treating on Halloween night. We have a great neighborhood!
Jack hesitantly approaching a house with some scary decorations.
Actual Halloween Night Costumes. You've got Indiana Jones/cowgirl, Cosette from Les Mis, and our handy dandy iPhone.
One thing I failed to realize when making Jack's costume is how difficult it would be for him to walk as I didn't cut it high enough.  So poor Gary ended up carrying him like this a lot of the night.
And this is why I have slipcovers. Jack's first piece of candy for the night.
Jack's costume #1. Curious George for his preschool party. The iPhone was still in development.
A graveyard cake my sister and her husband made for our annual Halloween night dinner.
The front of the costume. You will have to scroll down to see the back. Thanks, Blogger.
This is proof I am a better mom than you. Hahaha what a joke. This was Laura's lunch for school on Halloween day.
The back of his costume. I am seriously proud of this thing. Thanks Charlene for making some apps for me! The light makes it look a little weird here but it was awesome in real life. This is also the perfect costume for him: The kid could care less about Superman or the Cars movie, etc. He is obsessed with iPhones. Now if I were a REAL mom, I would have made my girls into Angry Birds. But we didn't get that far.
This is the night of the church Trunk or Treat. Emma is a bag of jelly beans.
I thought this was cute! It's a spork set. There is a knife somewhere in the parking lot, but she was missing for this pic.
Emma ready for school on Halloween day. I love the fact she still thinks it cool to get in the holiday spirit.
Cake pops that a mom made for Jack's Halloween party at school. They were UNBELIEVABLY good!!!
A cute gift one of the kids made for her classmates.
Emma's Halloween lunch. Sorry it's sideways!

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  1. Will you please make my lunches for me? They're adorable!


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