Friday, July 1, 2011

The Whole Enchilada

Sorry I have been so absent. Here's what's going on:

 I was a leader at Girl's Camp for a week. Not bad when you consider the fact we had no air, and I was surrounded by hormonal teenage girls.

 Gary is on a cycling trip to North Carolina. For real. Right now they are in north Florida. He is as happy as a clam. Tomorrow I drive my kids by myself for about twelve hours to NC. So fun for both of us! These pictures should be at the bottom of the post, obviously, but I'm too bone tired to mess with it. Just go with it.

  Laura graduated from Brownies.

 I got fifth's disease, which is supposed to be super rare for adults. I got a big rash and all my joints swelled for a week. Super fun.

 Emma broke our hearts by graduating from fifth grade. She cried as she pulled away from her elementary school for the last time. She had a wonderful experience there.

Laura graduated from her kindergarten/1st grade loop. She had a wonderful two years with her teachers. I cannot believe she'll be in second next year.

Hope you had a great June. I am starting off my July with a drive to North Carolina solo with my kids. Jealous?

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  1. Sean says, "Covet not thy neighbors aero bars." :) Looks like a great bike trip. we thought going to Estes Park was crazy!


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