Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Did your mom ever say that to you?

Anyway, we are home from North Carolina. It was pretty great. I drove the kids by myself (a monstrous feat) and Gary rode his bike five days and through three states with some friends (a monstrous feat).

I will add pictures and all soon. I just got a new fancy schmancy camera and I need to download the pics so I can share them. I'm still learning how to work it! But I feel like I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. I am beat. We spent the whole day at the beach  yesterday. First with some friends, then with our cousins. It was so nice. Also nice because I could ignore laundry and de-packing.

Jack is talking SO MUCH. The best way I have to express it is a story on our trip. We walked into a store with Jack on my hip, chattering away his stream of conciousness. A woman looks at me and says, "Wow! He can really talk!" "Yep," I answered. She shook her head and with her deepest wisdom said, "You know you're in big trouble, right?" "Yep," I answered. This from the boy who didn't talk for two years. It reminds me of a story of my Grandpa. When he was little in the 30s, my great-grandmother complained that he was three and not really talking or walking. The doctor said it was because she babied him too much. They needed to refuse to carry him and refuse to understand what he said in his baby language. She decided to try it. The next day he came up to her in the kitchen and said, "Hee Hee Ha Ha Waa Waa Mamma." She said, "I'm sorry Robert, you are going to have to tell me with words what you want. "Hee Hee Ha Ha Waa Waa Mamma." She repeated herself again. He throws a complete fit on the floor and she steps around him and ignores him with all her might, ready to cave. Finally, he stands up and looks at her and says, "May I pease have a drink of water, Mamma?"

Well I've got to go change a diaper explosion. And then we are going back to the beach so I can continue my master plan of denial.

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