Saturday, December 18, 2010


Tonight we went to (what started out to be) the engagement party of my cousin, Adam. They rented a house down the road from us, so we walked down there promptly at five to join the celebration. White lights were strung through the trees in the back yard, a full moon rising, and those neat little tissue paper flowers in the trees. We talked and laughed, and then my Aunt Heidi asked us to all take a seat. We did, Louis Armstrong came on, and then....Adam and three friends came out in a tux, shortly to be followed by his fiancee Tiffany, in her white dress. What a wonderful surprise!! She looked lovely, the air was electrified with happiness and love, all of us teary as my Aunt married them under the trees (this is Florida, so we can still do that in December!). I think that perhaps I was more emotional at this wedding because it caught me by surprise. We had such a lovely time, and Emma was thrilled when her cousin Sara gave her her bridesmaid bouquet. It was a simple and relaxed wedding, much like the happy couple.

Then when I came home, I got another surprise, this one not so happy. I realized my zipper was down the whole time. Yay me!!
Christmas is coming! Are you ready? I am almost there. Except for Laura. I do not know what to get this child. I am still thinking. I also feel a little bad for Emma, since every single one of her friends are getting an iTouch for Christmas. We just don't have the money. But as my friend Mandy reminded me, you don't always get what you want for Christmas. My present I didn't get? A Cabbage Patch doll. Remember those? Ugh. Now I think that one worked out for the best.

I am at peace, though. Truly. Two years ago we had a Christmas where my girls got three gifts each. Gary did not have a job, we had no money. They got very inexpensive gifts. I was bracing for their disapointment. It didn't come. That caused me to do a lot of thinking. I am really simplifying this story, but the point is I think we as adults often project our own insecurities and needs onto our children, giving them more than they need or trying to make everything perfect.

What would have been perfect? To create a zipper that doesn't fall down in public.


  1. I absolutely love the idea of a surprise wedding. What a wonderful thing to be a part of.
    I also love the idea of you, roaming around the party, oblivious to your barn door being open. I'm sorry but it is kinda funny.

    Have you tried EBay or Craigslist for the iTouch? A gently used one is just as good as a new one. (in my book)

  2. I haven't yet, because I'm not very familiar with that...I'm afraid I'd get a dud. I think I'll take a look, though.

  3. Amy if it makes ya feel any better... Kyra has combined her Christmas and her birthday (lucky to have a birthday and Christmas within 10 days of each other!) otherwise we wouldn't be doing it either... AT ALL. Not this year. And we did something online where Chris got a GREAT deal! If you want I can ask him where he got his?! Glad you are on the final stretch... I think I am too!! I am sure NO ONE noticed your zipper down! But if I had been with ya and noticed... i would SO tell ya! LOL


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