Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Here Comes my ArchNemesis Here Comes my ArchNemesis right down Santa Claus Lane

Okay, okay I'm joking. I'm going to give Santa a break and try not to ruin the magic for my kids by making it all about me. But really, is that sooo wrong?

Good news with the itouch drama. After all my moaning and groaning, my sister called me and is going to pay for half. So we're in!!! All I have to say is, when Emma opens that present, I hope she screams like the little girl she is.

We are heading down the pike here for Christmas. I think I am just about done here. Gary asked what I want for Christmas and I said:
a new house
an Audi Q7
xbox kinect
oh, and maybe a wallet.
Do you think that's too much? Really, we don't get much for each other for Christmas cause we just don't care. Let's face it; for adults, it's basically Christmas all year long. If we want something, we just go get it. And we are usually too busy making fun of the Kay and Zales jewelery commercials to do anything productive.

I know you have been eagerly anticipating my favorites for this year so I will not keep you in stitches any longer. Off the top of my head:

music: Metric (i KNOW it didn't come out this year), Brandon Flowers solo album, and The Lower Lights, which I am also getting for my Dad for Christmas.

books: I read a lot, but the two that stand out for me are The Passage (which scared the stink out of me) and Mockingjay. Also, Dark Road to Darjeeling, the fourth in the Julia Gray series.

tv shows: Fringe, The Middle, Modern Family (even though the gay couple has a robot baby--honestly no baby is that good. Okay, FINE I'm jealous.), my husband loves The Walking Dead but I spend each episode under the covers with my fingers in my ears, and any nerdy history/military documentary that comes on.

magazines: I am still weeping over the demise of Blueprint, Domino, and my favorite: Cottage Living. I am too bitter to pay any mind to this category.

Okay that's it, as jack is awake.

I will leave you with a fun link: The Jolly Porter's review of David Archuleta singing with the Mo Tab. It is hilarious. If you need any Mormon Lingo translation, I will be happy to provide.

Merry Christmas all!! Thanks for spending another year with me.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLENE!! You are finally as old as I am now, so I don't feel so alone. At least for three months anyway.

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