Monday, November 29, 2010

This month

Look! Long sleeves! Finally!

I'll be honest, though. We still have the windows open!

Here's our latest:

1. Thanksgiving is over. It was good. I love a holiday where you just get together and be grateful and eat. No presents, no decorations, no stress.

2. My husband is telling me he wants another one. Yes, that kind of one. See, this is how genius he is. I can't even type the word. Before I was swooning in theory. But now that he is talking reality I am literally running from him when he walks in the room. Reverse psychology at its finest. Well played, Gary. Well played.

3. I have decided I am really going to get serious about raising my kids to be responsible. They are just too darn lazy when it comes to chores. I am going to Micheals today to try something like this, except instead of menus I'm going to do am/pm chore charts. Enough is enough.
Speaking of teaching them good things. We are going to sell our boat. I know, it's bittersweet. But now that we are getting back on our feet, we have no desire to have extra payments. We want to learn how to live within our means and teach our children to do the same. No more debt. No more extra stuff. I'll let you know how our project goes.

4. Time to get the Christmas stuff out! How do you feel about that? I'm feeling okay. I'm feeling optimistic.

5. Have you seen the deals on flights to Europe lately?!! I just saw a round trip to Paris for $419! If you have ever had a desire to's the time. As long as it doesn't put you in debt!

6. I miss you all, my dear friends. I am grateful for you. Thanks for helping me to feel positive about myself. I love you all. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Love you too ms amy!!! And I totally wanted to do that chore chart too! I had a long chat with my girls and we've got some changes happening in the Marriner household!! Have you done yours? Maybe we can do one together?!?


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