Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How I Feel Today


  1. Sooo, You feel like a cheeky pirate being chased on the beach by men with sticks? Yikes.

  2. OK... is it bad that I TOTALLY can relate... only for me... it's today (or should I say tonight)... When I saw the title and clicked on it to read - it totally made me laugh. But NOT at you... just in general - because that is so me the last two days!!!! GREAT photo and title! AWESOME! (and thanks for that little smile!)

  3. HAHAHA! You always make me laugh: ) Sorry for the aghhhhh! kind of day though : ( Of course I never called, I am so sorry... we did our photo shoot and between being sick and allergies I was not feeling well on sunday. The night went quickly and before I knew it it was late and I was like " oh no, I never called Amy back!" Well, next time we will have to meet up.


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