Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In which Jack discovers Halloween

The rundown:

A cool witch (are we now into the "cool" costumes? ugh.) and a zombie 80s prom queen.

A puppy.

He does not have the point of Halloween yet. Right now he is just annoyed. Just wait for it Jack. Your little toddler self has no idea that your dreams are about to come true.

Trunk or Treat.
It was hot out there.
I started the night out taking Jack to one of the cars. I had him say "Tick oh teet." Then he got a piece of candy. By the time we got to the third car he had this look on his face like, So.... I walk to a car and they give me a piece of candy? And that's it? Seriously? I don't know what is going on, but my little toddler dreams have come true.

The night of the Wompey's family Halloween party. We have our witch and our cheerleader. Laura loves cheerleading.

Indiana Jones. Not sure if that is a tough look or a tired look. Also, I think there is some stubble or something missing, and those pants are rather ironed. So he is more like Preppy Indiana Jones.

A random Parisienne. Can you tell by the poodle? Should I have added a baguette? Or maybe a sense of style?

I think it's the high class wig that makes it. Oh to be Audrey Hepburn.

This was our Halloween dinner which consisted of some really gourmet food. Take that, Martha.
No one can top mummy dogs. Hours, people. It took me HOURS.

The girls made jack-o-lantern faces out of the cheese, but I forgot to take a picture before they melted into jack-o-blobs. Want to hear something sad? I NEVER buy American cheese slices, but my husband did for this (that's right, I will gladly throw him under the bus). We accidentally left the unwrapped slices outside by the grill. Overnight. The next morning they were uneaten. Untouched. Not by the raccoons, cats, bugs, nothing. And raccoons are brutal--they ripped in half a tupperware container I had left outside just to get to the food. So what does that tell you about Kraft American cheese? Yikes. I won't be eating it again.

Emma, before she eats the toxic American cheese.

Roy, "B" complete with his fake happy smile (darn you!), Gary, and Jenn. Don't they look soooo happy to eat my gourmet food? I'm the best.

Finishing the night with chocolate cake and ice cream. Jack LOVES this holiday. I have now moved into position 1 as the best parent ever. And all it took was a little sugar and toxic cheese. Your welcome, kids.

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