Friday, July 16, 2010

In which I wax poetic about Star Wars

...and passing the torch on to my children.

(was that a dramatic enough opening for you? You gotta head into the weekend with a bang!)

Tonight was that hallowed institution known far and wide as family movie night. That means take out, ice cream sundaes, and popcorn with m&ms inside. I practically count calories all week in preparation for it.

Anyway, our big movie tonight was Star Wars. Oh yes, THE one, THE only Star Wars. My kids were fascinated by it. Emma loved it, Laura was a little bit scared but liked Princess Leia (it's the hair. Those side buns get 'em every time). And really, it's such a great family movie. No bad words, and not too much violence. Just scary enough to be fun but not scary enough to send you to therapy.

As an adult, I can pick apart little details like the weird glass bars on the bad empire people's uniforms. But as a child, I thought it was magical. I first saw the movie in elementary school when we lived in Tallahassee. We would play "Star Wars" for hours outside. It probably won't be much of a surprise when I tell you that I ALWAYS had to be Princess Leia. The other girls could be Chewbacca or whatever. My brother was Darth Vader for Halloween and my mom handmade his costume, including the little box with the buttons and lights on the front.

There plenty of cheesebally moments, but there are some great things too. The Imperial British accents, Harrison Ford being so scruffily good-looking even in the seventies, Princess Leia's earnest "You can't do that! We are a peaceful planet, we don't even have weapons!" and the way her boobs jiggle everywhere while she runs down the hall (I just read in her book that G.L. wouldn't let her wear a bra because they didn't have bras in that galaxy). And Alec Guinness is probably the only one to deliver every corny line perfectly. I love this movie!

I was also thinking tonight that what really makes the movie is the soundtrack. When Luke stands under the moon and looks out over the desert while the music swells, you can almost imagine your 18-year-old self in a similar moment of soul searching. Ah, deep thoughts. Thank you Star Wars. And James Earl Jones for your awesome voice.

Keeping with the theme, here's a video of a NYC improv troop boarding a subway in their Star Wars costumes for the fun of it. My favorite part is Princess Leia's book.

I mean, how cool would it be to be in a movie that is loved like that!

Watch here in and have fun!

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