Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Do you remember the movie Parenthood from 1989? Do you remember the scene where one brother (Rick Moranis) is bragging about his brilliant toddler daughter and showing off how she learned the periodic table from flashcards? And then Steve Martin's toddler son comes around the corner with a bucket over his head and keeps ramming it into the wall over and over again?

So which kid do you think mine would be?

He's actually knocking on the side of the bucket here.

Another new discovery: we've had to learn to be very careful before we take out the trash. I am wondering how many things we lost before we realized this.

Today I actually watched him try to put a plastic zip-loc over his head. I guess those warnings on the plastic bags were created because of kids like Jack. Okay, so he's not getting off to a great start but I am going to totally rub it in your face when he gets into MIT. Maybe he'll be studying plastics or something.


  1. He's so cute! Adeline threw away one of all her pairs of shoes. Oh ya and our car keys! I'm sure they'll both be in the top of their class!

  2. Love it! And we totally went thru the garbage stage too. We found our keys in the bottom of it once (after searching for HOURS!!!)

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