Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Plans

This is me. I have the restless vibe again. So I cut my hair to my chin. Then I decided to rearrange my tables, etc., cause I'm unhappy with my dining room and porch and need to change it up. You know what I'm sayin. It happens to us all. what to do, what to do......

This is not such a great pic. The room is still a mess and everything's thrown about But you get the point. This is the former dining room table booted to the porch. It makes the porch seem a little bigger, and I feel like the 100-year-old table is a little safer from Jack. That's a vintage tablecloth from the 50s and I lubs it.

This art/plaque thingy was my great-grandmother's. I put it up after we cleaned her things out because it made me think of her. But now I realize it's dark and dank and kind of ugly (the story goes her husband gave it to her for their anniversary and she didn't much like it either) so I'm going to take it down, so INTERNET WHAT DO I PUT IN IT'S PLACE?? It has to be something cheap, cause I po'.

This is my former porch table, now moved to the D.R. I like it here. And it lightens up the dark furniture. I don't think I'm keeping those pads on the chairs.

This is another pic coming down. Belongs to the lady who owns the house so I left it there. But I hate's not me, so I'm getting a spine and taking it down. So here's another blank wall.
Ideas??? Links??? Free internet stuff??? Anyone??

Well, now my brain hurts from thinking about it all day, so to give us all a break, here's Jack climbing up the fridge:


  1. Dear Domestic Goddess,
    Why the long face? Your hair is ADORABLE.
    I'll think about your bare walls and get back to you.

  2. How funny is this.. In my head I was thinking about my comment and I was going to start it "Dear Domestic Goddess"! Your friend Charlene is one sharp cookie (and witty, too)!

    Anyway, back to you. Your hair is darling, so no problem there. I like the white table in your dinning room. I think you should put a collage of b&w photos over your piano b/c I was noticing last time I was there that you have some really fun old pictures (pardon the run-on). I like it when people put all their pictures in the same color frame, even if they aren't all the same. Have you seen that? Pretty cute, I think.

    Being restless is good, now mind you this is coming from a restless person, but still, it's good!

    Did you make your plans for next weekend? Let me know. See you soon..

  3. You know, I had a friend who just mentioned they did this, but I haven't seen it yet. Do you know somewhere online where i can look? It sounds like a great idea.

  4. You remind me of ME... I get restless and chop my hair. Then I cry and grow it back... and the cycle repeats. I've been holding myself back because I'm ON to ME!! LOL!

    Check out I LOVE her!! Her designs are adorable! If you're renting, no worries! They're removable!!

    Found you from BlogFrog! Nice to meet you! ;D


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