Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am having trouble getting on my dang blog. Don't you love my harsh language? I am a wild woman, I tell you. Anyway, I don't make it up to my bedroom until eleven and then I just practically fall asleep with my clothes on. It's not pretty in the morning, seriously.

Last night I exercised my flat flabby booty off and then today I ate a whole bunch of cookie cake at our preschool Valentine's party. What can I say, it was Publix, and I am a sucker for Publix frosting. Sigh.

I have some cute pictures and videos to post and I can't find the cord to connect my camera to my computer. I will keep looking, and if I get lucky I will post again tonight.

Next week I turn THIRTY-SIX. THIRTY-SIX!!! I'm on the downside to forty, people. It's okay, really. But just think, if I were a pioneer woman I'd be coming to the end of the line, if you know what I'm sayin'. I'd probably have four teeth left and boobs down to my knees and my twelfth kid at my feet. Yikes, I just got a serious chill up my spine. So I guess that it's not so bad after all. And to drag someone else into my misery I like to remind my parents that they have a thirty-six year old daughter.

And then after that, I go to Boston! BY MYSELF!!! Get ready Charlene, I'm panicking already!! Hardy har. Actually, you should probably be the one doing the panicking!


  1. Your posts continue to brighten my day!
    I'm so ready for you! I'm hoping for good weather. But, come rain, snow or sleet, we'll celebrate your birthday in style.
    Good luck finding that cord...I love seeing your photos and videos.

  2. Really I am not stalking you. Since you commented back, I came back to check on your blog. Boston, I am so jealous. I have only been east of the Rockies once in my life. And remember are spirits do not get older. I always just picture myself still at 20 and weighing 120 pounds. Yes I live a rich fantasy life.

  3. 36... ahem... if that's downhill - I am ONE YEAR ahead... OH NO! ;) When do you go to Boston again? I am so happy for you - you deserve it! Say hi to Faneuil Hall Marketplace et al! oxox


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