Friday, February 12, 2010

Mr. Darcy, you handsome devil, you!

So, I think of myself as a pretty practical kind of girl. After many years of marraige I have learned that if I think something or need something, I just.....well, say it. Might sound kind of, well, basic, but you wouldn't believe how DUMB I was in the beginning. I am not a game-player, I don't want a surprise party (although I do like surprises). I relish sincerity rather than fuss.

But this month our book club pick is the old lovely standard, "Pride and Prejudice" by the inimitable Jane Austen. I found this and I must say reading these words made my heart beat a little faster. I mean really, who wouldn't want someone to express their need for you in words like these?

Check this out on Etsy:

Thanks, Jane. You set the bar awfully high.

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