Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It is hot.

I am not kidding. You are thinking, "Oh sure, it's summer, it's a little uncomfortable." But this is Florida. Nine/ten months out of the year it's heaven. Unfortunately, that means for Two/three months out of the year it is hell itself.
I hate it. You walk out and your make-up runs. Your hair frizzes. I try my hardest not to cuss as I buckle my kids in, the sweat dripping down my back in the meantime. I mean, if I did sweat that's what it would be like. Yeah.

This year June is unnaturally hot. It is like sitting in an oven. Did I mention I hate it?
So here in Florida we stay in the water for two/three months straight. It's a heavenly temperature. Not like when we lived in Massachusetts for a year. People would jump in this FREEZING cold water like it was enjoyable! I just wanted to stand on top of a boulder and yell, "What is wrong with you people??? This is not fun!!!"

So back to summer in goes a little something like this:

Yes, he got a bit of sunscreen in his eyes. Made me feel terrible.

I'm not sure if this is meant to be a sandcastle or trench warfare.

We love the beach. We also love the boat. Here we are out one lovely evening:

Jack's first time on the boat! Look at that sunset. It's heavenly...come visit!

We picked up take-out and took it with us.

I also have pictures of the girls at another favorite summer activity; swimming lessons. Haven't uploaded them yet, though. Maybe I can get them up before we leave for North Carolina on Saturday.

Hope you are having a marvelous summer!

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