Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I think I can, I think I can...

Jack is now almost nine months. He is sleeping through the night, eating well, and hardly ever hollers anymore. A dramatic about-face from......that time that gives me shivers to think about and makes my knees weak. Quelle Horreur! It was not so long ago, my friends, that our house was seized and controlled by Nuclear Colic.

Now when he is upset he kind of whimpers like a cute little puppy. He used to do this:

(and I am just smiling because I don't want to cry for the picture. Yes, he is screaming red-faced mad)

(Yes, I wish his bedroom were spic-n-span in this picture before I posted it, but come on people, he never slept and had nuclear colic. Give me a break.)

Anyway, now I am enjoying times like this:

(well earned, I might add)

Well anyway, all this new found peace and quiet has given me the opportunity to walk past a mirror.

And people, it ain't pretty.

I now have the chance to see myself in all my glory. The last few months have been tough. I've got bags under the eyes, blotchy skin, blah hair, and about 20 lbs to lose.


So I've started a TRUE effort to exercise everyday. I've been doing pretty well. Two days ago I walked with all my might for like an hour and I felt great when I got home. I do best when I mix it up a bit; so I've been also doing videos and machines and various and sundry things.

But the last two days haven't gone so well. I have to wait for Gary to get home to go out by myself, and he often comes home after dark. Tonight, I was all ready to go, shoes laced, and then, well, I forgot I lived in Florida. In the summer you can have a clear blue sky and ten minutes later a dangerous thunderstorm comes rolling in.

(check this out at the beach. when the natives see the clouds rolling in they know to pack everything fast and get to the car. the poor tourists decide to see what is going to happen and get pelted with hailstones within ten minutes)

Tonight a huge lightning storm popped up, and you guessed it, I'm stuck inside and all tied up with household problems and wailing children and don't get a stinkin' thing accomplished.

So how do you do it? Please, give me ideas. I want to exercise, and I am trying to eat right. I've got all the junk out of the house and just bought salmon for dinner tomorrow night. Help!! I'm determined to get these pounds off me! Share, do!! Love me, love me, do!!

Oh, and I just read "The Other Queen" by Phillipa Gregory. Snore.


  1. Hey you. For ME, i have to get up in the MORNING before everyone else (but after sean) and do it then. I will find a reason not to at night, or just be flat out too tired. AND I sign up for things like triathlons and that puts a little panic into me. You know, I don't want to die of a heart attach during the race, and I definitely want to cross the finish line...that helps ALOT! Tomorrow I"m starting a cleanse with 4 other people. If I have other people doing it with me, that helps. I won't eat well otherwise. Tell me if you want to do it too...I'll email you the menu items. :) have fun! you can do it!!!! love you.

  2. yes, email it to me! can you do it and still make food for your family easily? did that sentence make sense?


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