Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scallop Remorse

Today's my mama mia's birthday. Three bouts w/ cancer and she's still celebrating her birthday. That is something to celebrate, to be sure.

So we had scallops, shrimp, various other things, and two desserts. It was great.

Until now. Now I am not feeling so good. Waaaay too many scallops (have I ever told you how much I like scallops?). Sigh. And I am reeking of garlic.

I officially now have Scallop Remorse. I have moved through the stages quickly:

First: scallop Happiness.
Second: Scallop Unease.
Final Stage: Scallop Remorse.

I am hoping to feel better in the morning. When I eat something safe like oatmeal.

P.S. Little Man Update: Jack is sleeping happily in his crib still. Praise be indeed.

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