Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Keep 500 feet back.

You know those signs on the back of fire trucks, garbage trucks, etc: "Keep 500 feet back?" Oh yeah, that was me yesterday. Craaaaabbbby. Gary arrived home from a 3 day drive from Las Vegas ---> Florida. He was stubbly and tired.
"I'm just warning you. I'm just being honest. I'm crabby. Just so you know. Really crabby." (5 days alone with your kids will do that to you).

So anyway, he warily nodded at me, taking it in. I tried hard to be helpful and supportive, and only once did I snap {"SERIOUSLY, please make her stay in bed!"}.

Just having him back in the house, though, I felt myself begin to get rejuvenated. To have him near me, to hear his voice, hear him interact with the kids.

{Jack was funny, obviously being 5 mos he didn't reeeeally notice Dad was gone. But he had this look on his face when he saw Gary, like, "heeeey....wait a minute... you've been gone...YOU'VE BEEN GONE!"}

Anyway, obviously, he's home. All is well. And the next day, I wasn't crabby anymore. Which is good. For the whole house.

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