Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm done with the Disney Channel, ya'll

So, I have a long history with Disney. A good one, I would say. I worked for the mouse in college, and he remained the mouse for me. See, if you become an unhappy Disney cast member, then you say "I worked for the rat." Anyway, those were good times and all. Lately, when we have the dough, our family has visited Disney mucho since we live only an hour and a half away. We used to have season passes. The past two years? No. (See previous post).

In fact, I just spent my last birthday (you get in free on your bday) there w/ my two girls. We had a GREAT time, and it was nice to get away from our troubles. (Again, previous post). It was so fun it was worth the two times I had to bomb off to the baby center to pump (Daddy stayed home w/ Jack Jack).

Anyway, I watched Disney Channel growing up and loved it. In fact, I own Pollyanna and Swiss Family Robinson just because I watched it on DC as a pre-teen. I am totally not loving the DC now. My daughter will watch it and after 30 minutes I make her turn the channel. I can't believe how annoying the shows are. Biggest pet peeves? The gosh awful laugh track. This is a recent addition. I used to watch shows like even stevens a few years ago when babysitting my nieces and I swear there was no laugh track. The shows are terrible and my BIGGEST PROBLEM are the girls on the show. What is with our culture now that the girls are soooo catty and sarcastic. It's like we are teaching our daughters the only way to be funny is to say something dripping w/ sarcasm. I told my daughter that if she starts being sassy like this I will block the channel. Dramatic, I know, but I"m frustrated. And the only disney movies on there anymore are crappy little vehicles for their current Disney Channel stars. No Pollyanna, no Swiss Family Robinson. Seriously, I should be running Disney Channel. President and CEO!

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