Monday, May 21, 2012

Hooked on Houses

 *picture courtesy of Hooked on Houses blog

Okay, a funny nerdbit about me: Even when I was a kid I would buy House Plan books with my extra money because I loved to study house plans. I loved to see what kind of home could be created and how homes have changed over time and I would make mental notes about what I would do in my own house. Not enough storage? Fatal, fatal flaw. If I built a house, it would look like it had been there for a hundred years.

My two favorite parts of a movie are a) the soundtrack and b) the set design. These two elements really contribute to the feel of the movie. I love watching "Stuart Little 2" with my kids because I love the house they live in and the fact that everything in the movie -- clothing, house design, etc is all in orange and green. Cool.

So I ran across this site and love it. It's Hooked on Houses. My favorite links are the movie houses. My two favorite movie houses are the "Something's Gotta Give" house and the "What Lies Beneath" house.

Check it out and tell me what your favorites are.

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  1. With your infinite knowledge on house plans... I should have you help me re-do our house! hahahha Maybe AFTER your eventful summer! hehehehe


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