Sunday, April 1, 2012

This week's randomness.

Hi all,

Just wanted to take a moment from my previous post of domestic bliss to let you know I am still alive. Did you like my last post, huh huh? Did you think it was an April Fool's joke because it was so very Martha? Nope, just me. I do have occasional skillz.

I was called last week as Stake Camp Director.  Let me take a moment here:

Okay, I'm fine now.

For all my non-Mormon peeps (I am sorry, I know no one uses "peeps" anymore, but I can't think of anything else. And it is almost Easter and I am surrounded by actual Peeps of the edible variety so we'll blame it on that) I will offer a translation:

I was just asked to take over as a Stake Camp Director. This means I am putting on a week long camp for about 100 girls from our area. I have to plan music, activities, entertainment (other than my crazy shorts), spiritual stuff, fun stuff, feed them, keep them alive and safe and return them in one piece. Hopefully a better piece than they came to me. All within budget. In three months.

Also, another shocker. I now have a child old enough to attend. Yes, I am now that old.

I am really excited about it, but very anxious as well. I am a worrier anyway, so that doesn't help. I have spent the last week thinking of silly skits we can put on for them. You know, priorities.

Loved General Conference this weekend. Loved the conference food as well. Did a spit take when I saw David Archuleta singing in the missionary choir. Funny!

Other things on my mind? I really want an even four kids, but the thought of going through pregnancy and newbornhood makes me want to pull my nose hairs out. This could be very painful since now that I am old I actually have nose hairs. Seriously. I know, ew, right?
Also, I want to write a book (like every other blogger) but I don't know what to write about. I have enough to fill about three pages.

I also noticed I have used the phrase "woot woot" about fifty times this week. That's really not good.

Take care, peeps. Have a great week. Woot Woot!


  1. A break from Domestic Bliss? Welcome to my life!

  2. Jamie, you are the QUEEN of domestic bliss!!


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