Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Menu of the Week (March 19th)

*photo from OurBestBites.com

I don't know if many of you know, but my diet has recently changed. Quite drastically. I had a full allergy panel done and I have had to go gluten free, mostly dairy free (I can have dairy once every four days), and no eggs or beef. I was off the chart when it came to the last two. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty shocked and awed. And I threw quite a few fits the first week, kicking a package of something I couldn't eat across the room. 

A month or so later, I have just about got it down. I've figured out how to navigate and change recipes, where I can eat out, how to use alternatives in cooking and where to buy it. I'm on a roll, peeps. I purchased a fridge sticky-thingy from the Martha Stewart line at Staples and I make my menu one week at a time. My kids love to look up on the fridge and see what we're planning. My scattered brain appreciates it, and I love to doodle on each day as well. And it makes me look so dang organized. And that's halfway there, right!

There are a lot of positives. My family is not eating so much beef.  It has really cut down on processed foods. We feel pretty healthy. And my health, energy, and moods have soared since I made this change. It's good to feel the difference.

I thought I would share the menu we are eating this week in case anyone also has allergen issues. If you have to eat gluten free, dairy free, and egg free. This is your place. And you can also use these recipes if you're not. Just forget my substitutes and use your regular stuff. I hate you. Kidding! I'm almost over it!

Crock pot pork BBQ sandwiches w/salad and Pioneer Woman's Best Baked Beans
1. In a crockpot place a pork tenderloin. Cover it with Montreal Steak Seasoning and a cup of water. 2. Cook all day. 3. Shred and add your favorite BBQ sauce. Place on gluten free/regular buns.

 Italian Chicken and Vegetable Skewers from Our Best Bites along with rice as a side.
 I use a gluten-free bottled Italian dressing and skip the mushrooms. Blech.

Pasghetti. Or Spaghetti if you aren't Jack. I need simple meals on Wednesday nights as we come home from gymnastics late and Jack has been begging for it. I use gluten free rice spaghetti (I like Tinkyada) and ground turkey to mix with my favorite gluten free/dairy free bottled sauce. Like I said, easy.

Semi-homemade pizza. An Udi's gluten free pizza crust for me, regular for everyone else. My kids like it when I buy the mini size crusts so they can make their own and pick their toppings. For me, I do pesto, little tomato sauce, prosciutto (yum),  avocados, kalamata olives, red onions. Yummy. Fake cheese for me, or if I haven't had any other dairy that week: a smidge of mozzarella.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes or take-out. Pancakes means bittersweet chips (no dairy), gluten free mix, egg replacer, and coconut milk as the dairy alternative. I know, I know, sounds like a big ol' mess, but my husband is the official pancake maker and these come out great. I like to add bananas in mine.

For any of you that have allergen issues, hope this helps. It also is good for me to have a place where I can go back and see what I've made before when my brain can't come up with anything.


  1. This sounds like a pretty good week!

  2. Cool! I love this post. Mostly because I can relate, but also because it makes me want to try new recipes. Those chicken and vegetable skewers look delightful! We'll have to try that one.

  3. Marissa they are sooo good. An sooo easy.


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