Monday, February 27, 2012

I had a birthday, shout hooray

I turned 38.

My bestie Charlene was in town and was brave enough to spend the day with ALL of us! We spent the day in Sarasota and had a great time. We ate outside for lunch, stopped by the exotic car show on St. Armand's Circle (Gary was SURE I would like that for my birthday).

We had big honkin ice cream.

On our way out we found a shop that sold macaroons!! They were really good!

Aren't they gorgeous?

On Sunday we got together with my family, and I had a gluten-filled cake.

My family and friends gave me some sweet, thoughtful gifts. My body gave me a zit. Thanks, body!

As a side note, Jack developed a humongous crush on Charlene. He has been talking about her on and off since she left. Tonight he had this message for her:

And I think he wants a message back....
He wanted me to MAKE SURE you saw this.


  1. Amy, Amy, Amy. I could not be more disappointed with this post. You ate gluten? Really? OK, just kidding. I'm glad you ate yummy treats, even if they were gluten-filled. The macaroons do look good. Can you believe I have never had a macaroon? Even when I did eat gluten, I never had a macaroon. Maybe after having this baby, I will partake of a gluten-filled macaroon. Happy birthday again! Thanks for telling us all your age. Very honest of you. :)

  2. Marissa, I'm actually 48 and just fudged it for the post. So I'm not so brave. ;)
    (kidding for anyone who doesn't know me)

  3. This post made me so happy I've read it over and over again! Not to mention Jack's video which I've watched at least 100 times. I've just emailed you a reply video for Jack.
    I had such a fun day with you guys. I love the photo of us "wonderful wacky women". ; ) And those Macaroons were to die for! YUMMY! Oh, and the pink car that once belonged to Grace Kelly. Fun, fun, fun.
    I'm so glad you had a good birthday. I'm honored that I got to be a part of it.


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