Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Am Thuper Thorry.

I have been a wee bit absent. I will be back tomorrow. After I take Jack to Bounce U.
(Fun Bounce U, Mommy! Thuper fun!)

Apparently I say Super a lot. Just the other day a waitress laughed because I said, "Oh, this is Super Yum." I would like to trademark that awesome phrase right now. You cannot use it without paying me a quarter.

Jack all day says:
1. Mommy, I am THUPER hungy.
2. Mommy, I am thuper tired.
3. Oh Mommy! That was Thuper thcary!
4. No Mommy! I not thuper poopy! No thank you!
5. Mommy, I am THUPER THUPER hungy. (I hear that one a lot.)

Is this picture thuper thcary?
See you tomorrow!!!

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