Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet my children: Yoda, Condaleeza, and Indy

Laura outside the library, with her newly-checked out Indiana Jones book
So my last post concerned Laura, who would now like to be referred to as Indy, thank you very much. I now have two new transformations.

The first is Jack, who has now decided to channel Yoda. All day I try not to laugh in his face and crush his fragile (okay, nothing about him is really fragile) self-esteem. Just today I had these gems:

"Cookie. I can have?"

"iTouch. Mommy pwee can I?

"Cold, I am."

I just want to put some  wrinkly ears on him and a bathrobe. And he's so earnest when he says it. The other day when he said"Mommy, I try?" I wanted to say, "Do or do not. There is no try."

Emma, on the other hand had a speech to write for her fifth-grade class. It was a big one, with lots of research required and a costume to wear resembling the person they picked to speak on. Emma, came up with CONDOLEEZA RICE. I know, right! I was so proud. Let me tell you, there are lots of times when I walk in and the toilet is not flushed, or they threw a cup in the trash, or walk into a wall and I'm not so proud. So this was a moment to remember! Or blog about, anyway.

We checked out a book on 'ol Condi and Emma was amazed by all the things about her life. Me, too. She grew up in segregated Birmingham and one of her dear friends was killed in the church bombing. She never forgot the little coffins in a row. And yet this young girl with a paltry amount of rights grew up to be a concert pianist and Secretary of State. The night before Emma's speech was due, Oprah had a special on Condoleeza  on her new network. What struck me is how down to earth she is. She said she realized that she could not be a concert pianist...she went to a special school and things she had spent years learning and practicing 12-year-olds were doing with their eyes closed. So she changed her major. She sat in class after class until one took hold that she felt passionate about. Russian Studies. Yes, I can just feel the passion on that one. She talked about how she had to work against the good old boy system so often and constantly prove that a woman could perform well in such a high-pressure job. Thank goodness for the  Madeleine Albrights, Condoleeza Rices, and Hillary Clintons. You may not love all their politics or decisions, but you can admire the hard work and dedication that made them who they are.  I will now step off my soapbox.

As far as what Emma should do to make her look like Condi? I was a little stumped with that one. So I just flat ironed her hair, packed a skirt and shrug/jacket and said good luck. Tell them to use their imaginations, it will be good for them.

Tune in next time, when we find out what Daddy almost did to a small boy with a shovel when he found out this same small boy asked Emma to be his girlfriend. I think he's not ready for this. I mean, I'm not ready for this, but he's really not ready for this.


  1. I meant to ask you about said 'small boy'... I heard some...om...whispers between two little 5th-grade Bffs... but you didn't hear it from me!!! ;) Hey at least you had Condaleeza... we had OPRAH!! (Well at least she has great people on her show right?! hahaha)

  2. i. love. your. blog!!! This is great. YOu are a talented writer, Aims. I love the picture you create of your family. Much fun!


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