Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

Is that how you write it? Or is it more like Bum Chicka Bum Bum? You know, that 70s sexy music? Forget it.

So, I love this outfit. Gary hates it. He expressed his disdain by leaving the front open and adding a gold chain necklace and singing seventies music while Jack walked around. Whatever, it's awesome.

Sorry the pictures are not that great. Jack refused to cooperate and stand still so I could take a picture. He was feeling his 70s rebellion.

In other news, I wanted to get my haircut like this after I saw it on another blog, even though I've been working forever to get my hair longer. Well every woman I know says it's an awesome idea, whereas every man says no.  Except for Gary. What is that about? And what do you think?


  1. I'll speak as a man and say that I like the haircut and think you should get it.

    Also, I think it goes Bow Chicka Wow Wow, and some people refer to that music as 1970s porn music. But 1970s sexy music works too.

  2. YES! The cut would look so good on you. AND, very Parisian.

  3. THANK YOU Peter. I feel very validated now. The only problem with seeing these pictures is I have to remember I won't look like a thin, perfect Paris model afterwards. Unless I buy that black dress, anyway.

    And yeah, THAT's how the song goes. I could not remember it correctly. There was this guy at my church who had long black hair and a porno 'stache and we would sing it under our breath every time he would walk by. I know, so churchy of us.

  4. You could totally do that haircut. Oh, to have your hair!! I say go for it!


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