Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun in the kitchen on a Thursday

*The video is only sometimes showing up below. (???) So here is a link if you don't see it. Let me know if you have any trouble.

First was fun with cereal. Then after he was dressed I left him alone for a moment to get dressed myself. This was an unfortunate choice. A short time later he came into my bedroom somewhat shellshocked...with yogurt dripping all over him from head to toe. He handed me a paper towel and said, "Hep me, mommy. Hep me with pay-pah tow-ell." I of course grabbed my camera/phone. Then we cleaned the refrigerator.


  1. He is so cute! Makes it easier, when you are cleaning the yogurt, to remember that:)

  2. Ha! He is just precious! Don't you love little boys?!

  3. i... can't... stop... giggling!! He is SO stinkin' cute! After seeing him in action today bringing out container after container after container "PWEees Mommy?" - man when I am down - I think I'll come back to this video! SO STINKIN' cute - I am still giggling OUT LOUD!!!


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