Friday, February 25, 2011

Monkey Business

My son is part-monkey. Any past/present/future teacher knows about the multiple intelligences, and honey, I have somehow spawned a child that is bodily/kinesthetic. I don't know how. This stinks because this means I'm going to have to do t-ball games on Saturdays and other such activities which impact my laziness. Jack climbs any bookcase/tower/playground. He hangs from anything he can find better than a gymnast. Case in point:

Today I needed to run some errands. Jack and I have a routine to get out the door and we were smack in the middle of it. We go through the garage door, I hit the button, he follows me as we go around to his side of the car where I throw him and the bag in (and yes, I buckle him in). Well I am opening my side of the door when I hear, "MOMMY MOMMY HEP HEP HEP ME MOMMY HEP" in the most frantic toddler voice. I drop my bag and run around to see him HANGING FROM THE GARAGE DOOR WHICH IS NOW COMPLETELY RETRACTED INTO THE CEILING. He apparently had grabbed the bottom of the door as it raised and rode that sucker right up to the top where it stopped. He is hanging there, holding on with all his little baby might, his little red face scrunched up with fear, little legs dangling high off the ground. I snatched him in my arms, kissed his little face and then started to laugh. But we both learned something today: I learned he is tenaciously strong and I cannot take my eyes off him for a moment, and he learned some new words.

In other news:

I also am trying to do some things for just me lately, so I took my first writing class tonight. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, it was just something I wanted to try. It was fun, but intimidating. There are not many situations that leave me shy and quiet, but this one did. I am looking forward to next week's class.

Today was the last launch for Discovery. Everyone ran outside in my area to watch the plume, but unfortunately clouds appeared right before the launch. Thank goodness for TV.

So until next post my friends, where I discuss my difficulty with aging, I leave you to explore new horizons and keep a close eye on your garage doors.

(Sorry that my pictures are so crappy today, but blogger is messing up and I can't seem to fix it. It won't let me turn my pictures the right way or put them where I want them. I have tried and tried but now I'm done.


  1. Wow. Good story, good story. I thinks it's cool you're taking a writing class. Sounds like fun!

  2. Oh Amy, you really do have your hands full! What a cute boy.


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