Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This might make you laugh

We are going camping this weekend starting tomorrow, so I just cannot get my act together to do a proper post. So here is something to waste time with that made me laugh. I was going to write, "THIS IS VERY FUNNY IT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH," but what if it doesn't? Isn't it best to have low expectations, really? Then if you laugh it will be a happy surprise. Yes, I am going to go with that. Have a great weekend!!

Funny video #1 here
<------- I could not embed this sucker and am too lazy to keep trying so just click here, will ya?

Funny video #2:


  1. OK, the first one - totally made me laugh. Besides, Total Eclipse of the Heart is one of my all time faves. But the second one...well...not so much.

    Have a great time camping.

  2. This might make you laugh...

    We are going camping this weekend.

    I laughed my head off.

    What? That's not the funny part?

  3. charlene-- I'll take one out of two!

    jamie -- I am "glamping," you know. That means glam + camping. We are camping at Ft Wilderness (Disney) in a pop-up camper. And thank goodness Disney has super nice bathrooms/showers. Nice and clean. I will also say, I'm a better camper than Gary!

  4. The first video is super funny. The second video, pretty funny...but I think it is so incredibly random and just plain weir.d But that is what makes it funny.

  5. Maybe it was the fact I saw it at 2 in the morning with jana after having a lot of caffeine?

  6. LAUGHED. SO. HARD at Total Eclipse and the Maulk...yep funny - reminds me of my family's accents! =)


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