Monday, March 22, 2010

Yo Yos

I am on the yo yo bandwagon, thanks to Charlene. Why? THEY'RE EASY! The perfect craft for lazy people-- like me!!! Go, lazy moms!!!

Oh, and by the way, without me knowing Laura put her shirt w/ yoyos in the washing machine...quelle horreur! I pulled it out of the washing machine with trepidation...only to find they were fine. So good news: they can be washed!

And here is my new cool water bottle. After my sad experience with security at the Boston Airport, Charlene sent me another one. Cute, huh?


  1. WOW Amy!! I love yo-yos! My grandma taught me how to do them a long, long time ago - and i haven't done them in forever- you're going to have to remind me how! =) This Christmas Sandra made a garland outta Chris' g-ma's yo-yo's! Remind me to show you!! Ok on a shirt?! That's great!! LOVE IT!

  2. Hey! Yes it won't take much reminding. They're awesome! And we attach them with safety pins so they can be moved to hats, bags, whatever you want!

  3. The YoYos look so cute!! I'm glad that I got you hooked on such a fun and easy craft. I can't wait to see all of the adorable things you create!
    I'm happy that you like the water bottle. I'm off to make one for myself next.

  4. You made one for ME before yourself!! I am duly and doubly touched.


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