Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tha dishwasha took mah bay-bee

(instead of dingo? get it? nevermind.)

Another post on why I can't get anything done.

dropping a dish on the floor


  1. I laughed my BOOTY off with your title!!! Oh I so laughed and so needed it! Relish these moments! He's SO cute... (love the extreme close-up hehehehe)

  2. That is so Avery....and she always goes for the knives! I usually have to put her in her crib when I have to unload or load the dishes. Glad I am not the only one with this problem : )
    p.s love your posts!!!! Are you writing a book? you're a good writer and it would be really good..and funny!

  3. Thank you for your compliment! Yes, I did hesitate just a bit with posting this since he was obviously SURROUNDED by knives, but I swear to the internet world I was just within reach!!!

  4. Susan, you need to change your heading so it says your name! :) Hope you're doing great!


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