Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One if by land and two if by sea!

How many if by plane? I am going to Boston tomorrow! I am going to bundle up and eat a cannoli and walk and sew and laugh and eat and have a good time!

I am totally excited and a little bit nervous. I get to fly on a plane ALONE with no crying babies or sippy cups or bathroom trips or dirty looks from other passengers. I don't have to break a stroller down to fit it through security. I get a whole seat to myself and I don't have to watch cartoons on the little jetBlue tv. Pure, unadulterated luxury!

I am going to freeze, freeze, freeze, but that's okay. I get to see my good friend Charlene! Charlene, who loves me even though I'm pretty dorky and neurotic and clumsy. It's good to be loved! Did we ever do a duo together in forensics?? I can't remember suddenly...

In the meantime, may Gary keep my babies alive and the house still standing. McDonalds, you will probably have a huge quarterly profit thanks to us. Your welcome.


  1. Have a SuPeR DuPeR time! You deserve it! Say hi to Boston for me! I miss it... at least some of the time! ;)

  2. Amy have a great time. I hope you get lots of rest and enjoy every minute. Make sure you update us when you get home of all the fun things you'll do!


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